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SEO Consultation: Boost your rankings with an SEO consultant

Bluepoint SEO are a UK SEO consultancy and web development company. Interested in what we do? Well Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about driving more visitors to your website. This means you will enjoy a greater number of enquiries, more new customers, and an increase in sales of your products, services or lead generation.

Furthermore, at Bluepoint SEO we don’t just consult on all aspects of search engine optimisation. We manage all areas of expert SEO from content creation through to web application development. In other words, we’re good at what we do, and we do what’s required to drive your business online.

Want to improve your SEO? It all starts out with an SEO consulting chat about your needs and an in-depth 2016 SEO audit that allows us to view your website in full detail, as well as to explore any problem areas. We’ll then know what to fix and will build an effective, professional and tenacious SEO strategy to boost your business’s online rankings.

We achieve this using a number of methods. For example, altering the code and content of your website, and fixing things at server level. This is typically followed by a content marketing strategy to build links from authoritative websites related to your niche.

Our website optimisation will help your website rank more highly in a search engine’s results pages. The more prominent your website is with Google, Yahoo and Bing, the more likely your website is to be discovered by people searching for your products or services.

It’s important to understand that SEO is not just about getting your website to number 1 in Google. It’s about an ongoing plan that will consistently deliver more customers to your website using several different strategies that run concurrently.

As an example, we might offer link building, online reputation management, the onsite optimisation tweaks, social media campaigns, content marketing and conversion rate optimisation.

These strategies combined will deliver an overall improvement. And we’ll always offer SEO consultancy to discover your precise needs and guide you on your best options.

Content Marketing is the Way Forward – it’s Modern SEO

Content Marketing Agency & SEO Consulting and SEO Consultants Modern SEO is not just about the onsite changes and offsite link building activities as mentioned above. Modern search engine optimisation is all about content marketing; it’s about creating quality content that is rich in information and engages the people who view it. It’s also about making your potential customers aware of your brand.

This can be done in a variety of ways; writing tutorials, creating infographics, typing up interviews, blog posts, videos and creating useful online tools – the list can go on and on. Content marketing is essentially creating information that people find useful and want to share via social media and links.

At Bluepoint SEO, one of our primary goals is to create content and then outreach to other website owners to make them aware of the content on your website and gain traffic back. It could be in the form of a link or it could be that they have several thousand social media followers on Twitter and Facebook and we persuade them into sharing the article out. This means that your website and your brand is instantly advertised to 1000s of people!

Another method we employ is to outreach to website owners and ask if we can write a useful article related to their website’s topic – and if they can publish it on their blog in exchange for a link back to your website. They get quality content and you get a link to your website. Links will push your site up in the search engines’ rankings.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg with content marketing.

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management companies.Perhaps your website’s ranking highly for its brand in Google and Bing, but unfortunately you’ve had bad press or a number of brand damaging reviews in forums or blog posts that rank in Google and Bing alongside your website.

We can fix this with a technique called online reputation management. We can make those bad reviews ‘disappear’ and instantly your website will start to gain more traffic and more sales.

We can fix this with a technique called online reputation management. We can make those bad reviews ‘disappear’ and instantly your website will start to gain more traffic and more sales.We can fix this with a technique called online reputation management. We can make those bad reviews ‘disappear’ and instantly your website will start to gain more traffic and more sales.

You don’t want bad reviews ranking alongside your brand name in the search engines – we can make them go away.

We strongly believe that we can get the reviews pushed away from alongside your brand name and set you up with only good reviews. All companies deserve a fair chance and at our discretion, we’re willing to help.

We’re the best online reputation management company in the UK.

Tracking the Traffic on Your Website With Google Analytics Software

Google Analytics Software SEO ConsultantSo you’ve got the traffic to your website either with or without our SEO services and consultancy, but you’re still not getting as many sales as you’d like. We can install Google analytics tracking software onto your website to gather data about how your customers arrive at your online business and the number of visits per day.

Not only can we find out what key phrase they used to arrive at your site, as well as the page on which they landed, but we can determine their path as they navigate through your site too.

Importantly, we can see at which point the user of your website exits; that is at what page they decide to leave your site. This is where CRO (conversion rate optimisation) comes into play by increasing your conversion rate of visits into sales.

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) companies.Conversion rate optimisation is about taking the data collected from the tracking software as mentioned above and discovering where customers are dropping out of your website and trying to fix whatever reason is causing this.

The aim is to shift all customers towards a goal, which varies depending on the nature of your business. Ultimately it’s a sale, a service or a lead generation.

Perhaps you get a lot of customers to the payment page, but they drop out before completing the sale? Why is this? CRO is about discovering these reasons and fixing them.

Conversion rate optimisation is a usability study of your website, finding out what’s not user-friendly and correcting it.

Search Engine Optimisation & SEO Marketing Services

Online marketing SEM advice; Professional SEO consultation.Every single website and its goals are unique. This means each of our clients’ websites require a customised optimisation strategy. This is something SEO agencies don’t offer – typically they offer generic bulk packages that will ultimately fail in the long run. This is all the more reason to use an SEO consultancy over an SEO agency.

So if you’ve been looking for an SEO marketing company that works within your budget, offering search engine optimisation services charged at an hourly rate, which will ensure you attract more targeted traffic to your website, then Bluepoint SEO is the company for you.

Our SEO consultants will help attract more customers to your website with hourly fees and no long-term contract.

Contact us today and we can start consulting you on taking the next step.